Hartford, CT

by Your Ex's Pets

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released May 7, 2017

mixing: Tristan O'Shea
artwork: Delaney Keefe



all rights reserved


Your Ex's Pets Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Hartford
child like, adrift and passing cities
black night, american expanse
bright lights through the windows of our houses
"is it alright?" trying to make plans

godlike, caracal majestic
nervous, our eyes fell on her face
mindless, building shelters for each other
we call them kindness, defensive till it breaks
always frightened, wide awake

tell me how much can you take?
avoiding questions when they burn
press my back against the wall
I gave and I wanted in return
but I guess you think I shouldn't want at all

and it's maddening, do you think I don't know the difference?
come on, tie me up and hang me if it's really not enough
if I said it I'd scream until my voice gave out
the words that I've been dreading, would you see where it all comes from?
still stuck in a dead bus station

in Hartford fucking nowhere Connecticut
trying desperately to stay reticent
rereading halves of drafts of texts each time I unlock my phone
these things they stack when I'm lucid
but one weak moment and it's all conducive
to my unseasonal affective depressive disorderly ornery sneering tortured tone