by Your Ex's Pets

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the first song is 1986
the second song is 1977


released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Your Ex's Pets Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Lobby
rare diamond, piney scent
the thumbnail of your figure
peeking over a grassy expanse
thin-fingered quiet
picking strings, you sighed for
Tennessee and all that's past
and all that's past

so this space keeps growing and we're all gone
you're real, you were, I think I saw
your guitar and christmas lights
that lit your face and sang for loss

hello? what a question, what a way to ask
goodbye's a question too
but don't answer, I don't want to know
rare diamond, golden friend
kitchen counter, easy laughter
I am pining for you, I confess
for you, I confess

and your face keeps saying that I was wrong
you're real, you were, I think I saw
your teeth and lips in some other song
and I don't feel I'm moving on
Track Name: Natural Light
in a silent way things began changing
Rockaway, the dry heat of summer
and I wish you'd stay, I could watch you get older
on holidays, through checkpoints and borders
we'd forget every question of why and for whom
life could be better and love could be true

in the modern age, I'm young but I want to know
what's the way to families in cozy homes
on Charlemagne, we could throw all the curtains wide open
and laugh like we did at 18
I could find it, a new lease on life
light as a feather, floating off into the night

just when I thought that my world was ending
the sky opened up and my body held still
laid on my back in the natural light
singing I don't want to die, not tonight, not tonight